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MapleStory2 is a 3D video game and developed by Nsquare. The first MapleStory and MS2 will be separate games. The simplest way to level up quickly in MapleStory 2 would be to do all the quests that are available to your character. It is possible to gradually level up much quicker by mixing regular training with bossing in the exact same time to make things simpler and less boring for you. Party Quests unlike regular quest are extremely enjoyable to do and with terrific exp rewards. PQ are a type of quest that will required atleast two or more members in exactly the exact same party to finish it. Never select Channel 1 as your principal training place because it's always one of the most busiest channel and will lead to lag.

There are a total of 8 main classes or jobs in MapleStory 2, they are Knight, Berserker, Wizard, Priest, Archer, Heavy Gunner, Assassin and Thief. learn more about them and choose which one that matches your personality the most. The Knight is a short distance and naturally defensive class, it contains a lot of buffs that will shield and protect allies. The Berserker is a short range and highly offensive class, They also have the highest HP stat in the MapleStory 2. The Wizard is a long range and high damage class, They are very ideal easy to play for most people. The Priest is a mid range and very supportive class, This class is the only true "healing class" for your allies in MS2. The Archer is a long range and high DPS class, it has some critical damage buffs for allies and easy to control. Heavy Gunner is a longest range and high cooldowns class, all of these skills are very powerful and nuke down your enemies fast. The Assassin is a long range and high damage class, this class is just a straight damage-dealing class. The Thief is a short range and Extremely fast class, they can jump while attack and very hard to play and position around.

MS2 Mesos is the currency of maplestory 2, The Black Market is where MS2 players can buy or sell MapleStory 2 Items. When you want to look up some MS2 Items, then click the black market menus and use the search function. The search options include: name, type, jobs, level range, quality. If the MapleStory 2 item sells, a sales fee worth 5% of the price will be deducted on payout.

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