Which MS2 Class Should I pick?

In Maplestory 2 gamers will have the ability to carefully define their function by the course played. Contrary to the first MapleStory, there are no subclasses which update into more advanced classes. Class customization and specialization are rather dependent on the Skills a participant takes within that course.
By way of instance, in the first MapleStory, a participant would begin as a Magician. In MapleStory 2, a participant can opt to be a Wizard and will always be a Wizard through the game. Since abilities can be publicly reset, it's possible for players to make several skill builds for a single class to concentrate in rather than be secured to one specialization.
A great deal of newbies ask this question a whole lot, so I will list out some particulars. First, there is not any distinction between"damage traders" or"supportive characters" since they all can be performed to deal damage or offer some support for your team mates. The only class that sort of has this difference somewhat more defined are the Knight and Priest course, as their supportive skills are somewhat stronger then the other courses, and their harm skills are somewhat weaker when compared with the other classes also. There are a grand total of 11 unique classes in MS2 up to now, but rather than classifying them as"harm" and"supports," you ought to really classify them in terms of"short, mid, and long range" classes. When fighting a boss, you must actively dodge boss abilities and run across the map. Long distance courses are at more of an advantage, because of the fact they can simply run a long distance and still have the ability to damage the boss. The brief range classes however, can't do so, as they largely have to keep following the boss to stay in range and deal damage.
There'll be times when the brief range classes take a good deal of damage while attempting to get close to hurt the boss. This gets particularly harder the greater the raids you do, as the supervisors at those higher degree raids tend to utilize debuffs. This is not much of a problem for extended selection, once more, since they may just kite round the boss and deal damage. The brief range classes will endure 2 times the penalty, since they are not just taking plenty of harm, but they also need to take care of the debuffs from these bosses. Because of these reasons, the quantity of players playing short range courses are decreasing, even if the brief range courses have some of the greatest DPS in the game.
Knight (short variety, protects and protects allies, difficulty level: moderate ) A class which comprises a good deal of fans that will protect and protect allies. The Knight also uses a skill known as"Throwing Shield" that may be used to tank aggro of directors and monsters to your allies. However, they're more of a supportive class as opposed to a damage dealer course.
Berserker: (short variety, have their own unique trait and one of a kind ability gauge, difficulty level: mid-high) The Berserker's passive is called"Power of the Darkness," which makes you deal explosive quantity of harm the more you pile this passive. It gets a little difficult to keep the piles up while battling bosses, because of all the running around you have to do, but in the event you can keep your stacks up, your damage is extremely strong.
Thief: (short selection, damage depends heavily on their abilities, difficulty level: the highest in the sport ) They have two core damage dealing skills which are super short ranged, so it makes it tough to land your skills on enemies or supervisors without taking plenty of damage. Even if you're a master at dodging and evading, this course is still very very tough to play and place around. Theoretically speaking, if you're able to somehow land all these core abilities to the enemy absolutely, then you'd have the greatest DPS in the game. However, that is usually impossible to perform. Even if you mess up once with this course by taking unwanted harm, then you might be permanently ruined or simply heavily ruined for some time. This class may be the course for you in case you believe that your micro and macro control is impeccably great, but with the current state of the bosses and their harm, it makes it very very difficult for thieves to remain alive in these dungeons. I don't recommend this class.
Striker: (short selection, continuous chain combo abilities for harm, difficulty level: large ) The trouble with this course is that you need to play around one ability called"Missile Knuckle," that is your primary source of damage. Another problem is, as mentioned previously, the bosses in greater leveled dungeons give a whole lot of debuffs, and for strikers, that is a terrible thing. This is because a lot of the striker's abilities allow you to move toward the enemies to let you combo hit your abilities. However, as a result of debuffs in the bosses, it becomes increasingly tough for you to deal with damage. You also suffer plenty of damage because you must chase after the supervisors or creatures rather than kiting around them like any other classes. This course is pretty much a failed course. I don't recommend this class.
Priest: (mid variety, a very supportive course, difficulty level: low) This course is the only true"healing class" to your allies in this game (although soul binder does have some healing abilities, they seldom use it). The priest class doesn't have plenty of damage dealing abilities, and even the damage dealing abilities are pretty low in harm. But they make up for this lack of harm with a great deal of special buffs which produce your allies super powerful and protected. This class isn't intended for just anybody, and if you wish you had more harm, then don't play with the priest class.
Rune Blader: (mid variety, easy to control and has a crit enthusiast for allies, difficulty: low-mid) A very simple to play kind of a course. Rune Bladers can change back and forth, mid and long range, and every one of these skills enables you to have a flashy combo for visual. They were heavily nerfed before, so the present quantity of Rune Bladers in KMS2 is extremely low.
Wizard: (long variety, very easy to control and has ally fans, difficulty level: mid tier) They are extremely simple to control and play, much simpler than the Rune Blader. They also have a good deal of long range damage skills which are extremely powerful; this coupled with the fact they have a buff that increases the magic damage of your abilities and your allies makes them a really perfect class for most people. Highly suggested.
Ranger: (long range, very large damage and has some crucial damage fans for allies, difficulty level: low) If you wanted to compare this course to a different game's character, it's probably most like Soldier76 in Overwatch (season 1). They are rather simple to control and play and they have a continuous stream of dependable damage. However, they're just way too simple and boring to playwith. Even in the event that you have really fantastic control, the majority of your skills are just single concentrated, which makes them a very"easy" course to play. They also lack some freedom. The best thing about these is their critical damage fans.
Heavy Gunner: (long range, high cooldown nuking course, difficulty level: mid-high) They're a heavy and slow course, but have a very long selection. They also have very substantial cooldowns, but all these skills are extremely potent and nuke your enemies down quickly. This course is tough, in the fact that you will need to know how to properly cycle your harm, by knowing when your skills are up, and when you need to use certain abilities, and how you need to use specific abilities. This class is pretty difficult to play against supervisors, cuz if the managers aren't staying in exactly the identical position, then it becomes difficult to get your damage in. That's why I don't recommend this class.
Assassin: (extended selection, the very best Nuker at MS2, difficulty level: large ) They don't have any fans for allies. This class is simply a straight damage-dealing class. It's hard to play because they lack plenty of armor in comparison to other classes. This makes it so you have to actually dodge and evade all the bosses' attacks perfectly. Learning to cycle and maintain skills for harm is quite simple with assassins, and on account of this meta being around crit damage at the moment in KMS2, it makes this course very very powerful for damage dealing.
Soul Binder: (extended selection, nuking class. Have their own special skill gauge, and contains a great deal of debuffs, difficulty level: high) Much like the Berserker course they have their own special skill gauge called"Gate of Mantra" and"Liberation of Nirvana." These charge a exceptional ability called"Mantra Core" which fans all your attacks to deal a good deal of powerful damage. Although they have lots of mobility, the cartoon throw is quite long, so it becomes very frustrating to perform this course occasionally.
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