MapleStory 2 Leveling Guide

While playing the game, you'll most likely come across somebody who's training on exactly the exact same map as you do. On your box. Observe their skills and skill when they're killing the mobs and find out how much damages they have done. If you think they look strong enough and isn't an AFKER, then you need to begin trying to ask a celebration with them.

You may find a good deal of party members to train in Channel 1 because it is always populated.

Only add members who's around 5 Degrees away or above your characters so you can get exp from them also.

Beware of hackers and do not add them as you could wind up getting ban by Nexon!

When you're planning to undergo training for a long time period, you want to pick the best channel which has the least lag so you can concentrate more on training than fixing your relations. It might cause you to not have the ability to heal your HP and MP punctually that result in an instantaneous death and losing all your hard earned exp. Before doing anything, get the best channel that you feel comfort together and begin killing!

Never select Channel 1 as your principal training place because it's always among the most busiest station and will lead to lag.

Don't train on the same station with somebody hacking since they will KS you at all time.

Pick a map which does not have a lot of Maplers around so that they won't loot your drops permanently or killing every one your monsters.

Party Quests unlike routine quest are very enjoyable to do and with terrific exp rewards. PQ are a form of quest that will required atleast two or more members at exactly the exact same party to finish it. In certain Party Quests, following the last stage was cleared, you'll receive teleport to a particular map that has tons of treasure boxes where you are able to hit it to start and find many hidden gear, mesos, and scroll within the box.

In a PQ, you'll need all members to be in precisely the identical map and station to start it.

Many PQ will require all members to be living so as to pass it.

There's a certain level limits for each Party Quests that you'll have to followed.

Every Quest has its own time limit until you get kick out.

In Maplestory 2, when you've attained a certain level where you can actually solo a complete boss by yourself, it is possible to gradually level up much faster by mixing regular training with bossing in precisely the exact same time to make things simpler and less boring for you. The majority of the currently higher degree boss like Zakum cannot yet be solo however, you're able to really take down the lower level supervisors by yourself if you've got a strong enough and adequate gears to use. 1 thing that you'll have to bear in mind is that if your HP or Avoid isn't high enough to manage the boss that you're planning to fight, you should stay away from it till you have become stronger since you'll simply wasting your EXP from die trying!

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