Enchanting gear makes it stronger. Enchanting is the primary way of increasing both equipment score and offense/defense out of updating the grade of gear. Additional copies of the identical gear are needed when enchanting past +10. Ophelia enchants equipment with a random opportunity to be successful, which Peachy always succeeds in magical equipment. While Peachy never fails, she needs more resources than Ophelia. Enchanting with Peachy is heavily time gated, because she demands crystal ore, which is mostly obtained through dungeon reward boxes. Therefore Ophelia is the suggested method of enchanting. In the first Korean Maplestory 2, failing to enchant with Ophelia ruined your gear, which meant Peachy was a workable choice.
With every successful enchantment, the resources required and the prospect of failure will increase when picking Ophelia to enchant. But if Peachy is selected instead, then the success rate will be 100%, but it is going to require more funds to enchant and multiple enchantment sessions.
There are two choices for enchanting gear: Ophelia and Peachy. Ophelia provides an opportunity at updating equipment at lower average price, while Peachy provides a certain upgrade at a significantly higher price.
Ophelia is an enchanter which could be selected to enchant a piece of gear. She requires less substances, but has an opportunity to fail enchantments. The achievement opportunity declines with every successful enchantment.
After reaching +10, copies of the gear become required materials if trying to enchant an item at epic or greater rarity. Additional copies in addition to the required can be employed to boost the success chance up to a maximum of 30%.
Every time an enchantment fails, the gear receives an enchantment charge that may be used on future enchantment efforts to improve the success rate by 1 percent for each charge. These charges will be consumed if the enchantment succeeds or not. At higher level enchantments, several fees are granted upon collapse, up until 5 additional fees for a failed +15 enchant.
Peachy is an enchanter which could be selected to enchant a piece of gear. She requires more stuff, but will always have a 100% probability of success. An enchantment encounter bar displays beneath the gear, suggesting how many enchantment sessions are essential to boost the gear's enchantment degree by one. In the present version of the game it's not feasible to use Peachy since her prices are 5-10 times greater than the typical successful effort with Ophelia. Her services will only become useful if there are long-term effects of failed updates like breaking or cursing the gear.
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